Center for Spiritual Living,

Reno Is Possible Thanks to People Like You

Your generous support is what keeps Center for Spiritual Living, Reno vital, growing in service, and able to translate our vision into reality. Donations large and small help us to support not only our current programs, but lay the groundwork and foundation for us to grow and flourish and reach many more in our community.

If you have ever been inspired or empowered by a Center for Spiritual Living, Reno program or service, please support our Community with your financial giving. Whether you can give $10 or $100,000, know that every gift is a major gift! If you regularly benefit from our teachings and community, please become a supporter and sustainer of our community through your Intentional Gift.

 Intentional Giving

Intentional Giving is the fundamental building block of our budget, determining the programs and opportunities we are able to offer the next year.

When you commit to giving, you enter into a relationship with our community and its offerings. Our program is called “Partners in Prosperity” because you are partnering with God and with CSL Reno for your own prosperity, while supporting this ministry. You determine an amount that you will contribute to CSL Reno throughout the year and fill out an Intentional Giving Form (right bar). You may notify us at any time during the year if you need to update your commitment.

Intentional Giving Forms are available at our Center or you may click to access a form on line.  The amount you give is kept confidential.


Many people have chosen to automatically give through their banking service’s bill pay option, through PayPal, or through their credit card.  It provides the convenience of making recurring contributions automatically.  We provide “I Auto Tithe” vouchers for those who still want to place something in the offering basket on Sunday.

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