The educational program of the Center for Spiritual Living offers people of all ages and walks of life the opportunity to realize the Presence of God as all life, to discover their inherent creative power, and to experience the Presence and Power in their daily lives.

Our classes offer the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the philosophy of the Science of Mind and Spirit, to acquire a better understanding and use of the “spiritual tools” we talk about, to deepen community, develop friendships… and, ultimately, to change each one’s life in a powerful way!

We offer “Certificated” and “Life-Enhancement” classes.  “Certificated Courses” have universal appeal but they are also necessary to accumulate if you’re on the track towards becoming a Licensed Prayer Practitioner.  “Life-Enhancement Classes” are just as juicy but have no prerequisites and are typically shorter in length.

Church Classes - CSL Reno

Current and Upcoming Classes

July 2024

For more information on registration, tuition information, instructors or scheduling, please call or visit the office.  You may also check the CALENDAR section of our web site to see when specific classes are scheduled.  All required books for classes are available in our bookstore, Sacred Path Books & Gifts.