Men’s Spirit is a community of men praying, learning, serving and in fellowship with and for each other. Getting together for nearly 10 years, these are men of all ages and interests are committed to their own spirituality, to their mutual friendships, and to supporting our Spiritual Community.

The men of Men’s Spirit are invited to join and participate in “SOMg’s”—which is an acronym for Spirit of Men Groups in the Science of Mind that is similar to Sangha—a Sanskrit word in the Buddhist tradition meaning a spiritual community of friends who share a common purpose and pray for one another, with the intention building community, providing a safe place for men to grow, pray and serve together.

MEN’S SPIRIT meets the third Saturday of each month at 8 a.m. in the Youth and Education Center of CSL Reno for a potluck breakfast, fellowship and spiritual growth. All men are welcome!

For more information about Men’s Spirit and how to get involved, please contact: