The Center for Spiritual Living, Reno is a living, breathing organism comprised of helping hands, compassionate hearts and wise minds.

Something special happens when you step into becoming a member. Because of the deeper commitment to our teaching and our Center, there is a deeper and richer reward.

To become a member, we require that you attend one of the CSL101 New Members Classes which is offered twice a year (Spring and Fall—see our Calendar for the next scheduled classes), that you complete a membership card, and that you take part in the installation ceremony. It’s all very meaningful.

There is a deeper level of engagement when you’re a member; you recognize that your voice matters, your involvement matters, and that without you, we would not function in the same way.

What’s asked of you? Being a member means that you are committed to your own spiritual practice. It means that you give of your time and talent to our Spiritual Center in a meaningful way. It means that you contribute to the financial support of the Center for Spiritual Living, Reno in a way that’s right for you. It means that you regularly attend Sunday services, events, classes, etc. It means you are in support of our vision, mission and purpose.