As we look out at 2021, what do we see? Aren’t we all ready for something new, something wonderful? Let us set our intention then!  Let us declare HEALING—physical healing for everyone, and emotional and spiritual healing of any sense of turmoil—in our own hearts, in our country and in the world.  HOPE is what keeps us afloat, and HARMONY keeps us all together.

December Theme: The Magic and the Mystery

December 5 The Magic of the Season
December 12 The 12 Days of Christmas
December 19 The Mystery of the Darkness
December 22 Luminous Mystery – Candlelight Service
December 26 Let’s Take a Breath

Are you looking for ways to be uplifted, inspired, and nurtured in your spiritual journey?

Now at 10:00 a.m., our Sunday Services offer an opportunity to connect, grow and ignite your spirit. We honor all paths to God and the Universal Truths found throughout world religions and the Science of Mind and Spirit. With world-class music and inspiring speakers, we dedicate Sunday mornings to exploring new ideas and learning practical, positive, powerful spiritual tools for a happier, healthier life.  All are welcome!

Please visit our Calendar of Events for details on our Sunday speakers, themes and musical guests.