“Holy Ground”
Community Courtyard Pavers Project

“The ground on which you stand is Holy Ground” Exodus 3:15

You are no doubt abundantly aware of the exciting new building expansion that is now taking shape beautifully at our Center as our Grow with God Building Project. We’ll have new classrooms and a beautiful chapel when complete.

A component of the new expansion is the creation of a sacred community courtyard area, about 1100 sf, filled with landscaping for beauty, trees for shade, a water feature, seating for reading and visiting with friends, and room for small outdoor sacred events.  It will be accessible via classrooms and the new chapel.

The foundation of this new community courtyard will be pavers, many of which will be engraved and personalized. If you were familiar with our old sacred garden, you’ll remember the special pavers that were sprinkled throughout it.  We have preserved all those and they’ll be integrated into the new community courtyard, as well.

We are offering the opportunity for our members, friends and supporters to purchase one or more engraved pavers, honoring a friend, a family member, a special date, a meaningful word or phrase, or, of course, even yourself.  Each engraved paver may have one, two or three lines of copy, upper and lower case, with a maximum of 12 characters per line.

The engraved pavers are $100 each and are a fundraiser for the Center for Spiritual Living, Reno Grow with God Building Project.  We would appreciate your support in helping this project flourish.

We are looking forward to this being a place for all to use and enjoy, and to be blessed by it. Remember, when we have an awareness of the Presence of God, “The ground on which you stand is holy ground.”

Thank you for helping create this sacred space!