Metaphysical Bible
Certificated Class

 Spiritual meaning and interpretation of key Bible stories

 Metaphysical Bible Study is a particular intuitive process that uses the underlying essence of biblical stories – the symbolism, allegory and parable – to help us achieve self-discovery and spiritual growth. This course looks at the familiar stories in the Bible and interprets them in a different way – not as literal truth, or religious dogma, but as stories with profound metaphysical and spiritual meanings.

Dates:            Tuesdays, Feb. 2nd thru March 23rd  Registration Ends: January 26th

Time:             6:30 to 9:30pm

Location:      Zoom

Tuition:          $180*  The tuition of $180 includes a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Texts:             The Bible by Karen Armstrong (available at our Sacred Path Books & Gifts Store and The Metaphysical  Bible Dictionary (available on Kindle for $.99)

Prerequisite: Foundations or Beyond Limits

Facilitator:    Rev. Steve Yarborough

Register:       Online at

*A discount is offered for Early Bird registration through January 24, 2021

Scholarship applications for members are available through the Center office or Rev. Karen Neuweiler

Auditing is available for previous graduates.